Monday, April 25, 2016

Sponsor a Local Child for $4!

Sponsor a local child in the C-Fund's Gift of Music Classes for only $4!

You can make a big difference in a local child's life for only $4 by sponsoring a C-Fund Gift of Music student! Four dollars will purchase one tambourine--the instrument of choice this year. Children enjoy using this instrument in class and taking it home to share with their families at the end of the session! To find out who the C-Fund's Gift of Music class serves, watch the video above. 

Sponsoring a child is easy--just stop in to the JN office and let us know how many students you'd like to support! (Currently, we expect about 40 students over the summer.) Or, you can donate quickly online by using the Paypal icons to your left!

Thank you so much for supporting our program and enriching the lives of children all around us!