Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art Night!


Part of our mission at Joyful Noise and for the C-fund is to provide the community with free opportunities for children and families to learn and have fun!

Together with local artists Ben and Elizabeth Gutierrez, Joyful Noise will be providing the space for parents and children in the community to come and enjoy an evening of open ended art using many different mediums! The session will be led by Elizabeth and Ben, who will provide all of the necessary supplies for the creations made. Children can keep their artwork at the end of the event. We hope to see many smiling faces for this FREE community event!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Progress!

It has begun! We are so excited that the demolition and paint process is now underway in what was our school age room at Joyful Noise, and what will become our brand new "Five's Room". Read about our new Five's Program here!

We'd like to thank GHSP and their group of employees who volunteered their services for two days of hard work, tear down, and painting in very hot conditions! Comprised of GHSP employeess, this group has donated their services to Joyful Noise and for other community needs, both environmental and charitable in nature. 

We thank them so much for their hard work and we are so glad to be on our way to creating a fresh new space and a new program to better serve our community's needs. As a non-profit organization aiming to provide high quality education to young children, the opportunity for a brand new space for instruction doesn't come every day.

We hope you will check back with us on our journey, and please let us know if you can help our mission with a financial donation. We appreciate each thoughtful gesture of generosity as it propels us towards reaching our goal for the children!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If you build it, they will play...

We've been working hard this year to make improvements to our outdoor and indoor recreation areas!

Some recent additions to our outdoor play yards include a new sand and water table for our infants and soccer nets for our dome playground. We also purchased water table boats, bubble machines, bubble wands, and landscaping materials.

Keeping our playgrounds clean, well maintained and full of fresh and interesting things for our children to play with is a constant part of our mission and takes effort and funds!

We hope to recieve donations this year that will help us to purchase more items such as riding toys, climbers and additional landscaping materials so that students of all ages can enjoy a well planned and stimulating outdoor area!