Friday, June 5, 2015

We brought the Gift of Music and Nutrition Expedition to Stepping Stones in Holland!

Miss Chantal heads to Stepping Stones Daycare for Gift of Music classes for the next three consecutive weeks! 


The Joyful Noise C-Fund is so excited to be working again this year with Stepping Stones Daycare of Holland, Michigan! Stepping Stones is a very special school that provides daycare for homeless and transient children who are currently residing at Holland Rescue Mission's homeless shelter.

Here is a little bit more about Stepping Stones from their website: 
"Stepping Stones Daycare provides childcare for residents with children. This area of ministry affords parents the assurance of knowing that their children are being well cared for while they actively seek employment or continue to work at their current job.Stepping Stones is more than a daycare, it is a program designed to ease the impact of homelessness on the lives of children residing at the Mission. This ministry provides after-school tutoring, Bible story time, playtime, and field trips.It is difficult for a child to understand why their family could not stay in their home any longer. It is our desire to make the Mission feel like home while it is necessary for their families to stay here. The Family Hope Ministry Center accommodates the needs of this ministry by allowing space for a nursery, two all-purpose rooms, and a youth activity room equipped with computers and games for the older children.The Stepping Stones Daycare represents stability not only for the children, but for the entire family. The staff at Holland Rescue Mission knows that many who enter our doors lack a good foundation for practical living. If we can provide a stable environment for these little ones, we can help build a foundation for their future."
Miss Kelli Brunette of Joyful Noise Christian Childcare's "Nutrition Expedition" program also prepared a wonderful lesson plan and fresh fruit and vegetable box for children to explore and eat. The lesson was based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a 16th century Italian artist who loved to create artistic portraits with fruits and vegetables! The children looked at some of his work and had fun recreating their very own fruit and vegetable portraits. They also tried some of the delicious items from the box--even the limes. =)

Miss Chantal, program coordinator and teacher for The Joyful Noise C-Fund's Gift of Music Class, brought lots of fun items for music class, including this butterfly wand! The children enjoyed singing songs about transportation and colors with the ukulele, and each child received a slide whistle and companion brochure to be used for next three weeks of class. The slide whistles are gifts to be kept by the children once classes have ended!

Check back with us soon--there is more in store for the C-Fund this summer, from continued music classes to parenting seminars!

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